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Isiolo Peace Link (IPL) was founded in 2006 as an indigenous community based organization (CBO) with a focus in peace building and conflict reconciliation. Over the years, IPL has grown into a vibrant network that provide institutionalized early warning and early response mechanism that supports peace building and ending of violent conflict. The organization supports capacity building and provision of valuable interface between the local peace structures and security agencies.

Currently, IPL is implementing a project with support from Weltfriedensdienst – World Peace Serve, within Civil Peace Service (CPS) Program ‘Enhancing Resilience of Local Population in Non-Violent Management of Resource-Based and Political Conflicts, Countering Violence Extremism and Advocacy on Social Economic Development in Isiolo County’.

The program involves, activities designed around the need of local communities, particularly in supporting and enhancing capacities of local peace building structures in non-violent conflict resolution of resource using of Alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

ADR is  addressing the various forms of conflict such as resource based conflict, ethno-political conflict, cattle rustling, land and boundary disputes experienced in Isiolo.  To enhance synergy and project success, IPL has also developed a strong working relationship with both tiers of the government (National and County), key institutions in peace building and resource management within state and non-state actors like Peace Committees, religious leaders under the Interfaith Network, Council of Elders, Women Peace Forums and youth groups. IPL is also working closely with state actors such as National Drought management Authority (NDMA), Water Resource Management Authority (WARMA) and Water Resource User’s Associations (WRUA) committees.

IPL is partnering with DAI NIWETU in developing and Implementation of Isiolo County Action Plan to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism.


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