IMPACT (Indigenous Movement for Peace Advancement and Conflict Transformation) is a peace building, human rights, governance, land rights, policy advocacy and community development organization. We are specialised and experienced working with socially excluded social groups specifically indigenous peoples a- pastoralists and hunter gatherers communities.

The organization was started in the year 2002 as a result of increased human rights violation among pastoralists communities in Laikipia district by was registered in 2003 as a community based organization under the then ministry of culture and social services and later transformed itself into a registered trust as a strategic deliberate effort to meet the growing demands of the communities. We also define and work on issues of intra-community marginalisation (women, youth, and blacksmiths).



We draw on the wisdom inherent in our communities’ traditional cultural systems and practices, and believe in their power to shape their own destiny – in order to create sustainable livelihoods and inspire the protection and celebration of their rich cultural and natural heritage.

Our vision

A progressive society that cherishes and celebrates its culture, respects its natural environment and enjoying social harmony and prosperity.

The Trust holds very strongly that rapid and enduring change is possible when communities are able to harness and grow own resources and initiate their own solutions on development issues affecting them.



Samburu Women Trust is an Indigenous women led organization that champions for the rights of women and girls among the pastoralist communities through strengthening their capacity to influence policies both at the national and county levels, decision making processes and address harmful cultural practices.

SWT expertise in indigenous women capacity building and women leadership. Our interest to join the network is increase our knowledge on women legal land rights through networking from previous and present members of the network and to build alliance to increase indigenous women voices to access and own land.

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ISID (Indigenous Strategy and Institution for Development) is a community development organisation. ISID was initially established as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) in 2000 and later registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with the NGOs Coordination Board of Kenya in 2010.

As an organisation, we derive our energy, identity and vision from our name that encompasses indigenous knowledge and institutions as the basis of fostering sustainable development in Northern Kenya.

ISID currently works with marginalized and minority communities in Marsabit and Isiolo counties in Northern Kenya. We have operational field offices in Moyale and Isiolo towns, from where we engage with communities and link them to development partners, research institutions and government services.



Waso TrustLand Project has been operating in Isiolo to protect and defend land and human rights of pastoralists. The organization has been mobilizing downstream communities to oppose the construction of the Isiolo Mega Dam that has several hazards to pastoralists and the ecosystem.It brings wealth of experience of organizing and sustaining robust campaigns and lobbying.The organization has built a name as a community land watch.