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World Day to combat desertification and drought 2021


Celebrated on the 17th of June every year, World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought is meant to raise awareness of the presence of desertification and drought, highlighting methods of preventing desertification and recovering from drought.
The day’s focus is to turn the degraded land that has lost its natural productivity due to human activity into healthy land. To fight this menace, the degraded land should be converted to fertile land in the coming years. The need to restore the degraded land is to bring economic resilience, create jobs, raise income and food security

  • The PARAN Alliance members work among the pastoralist communities whose rangelands and grazing areas are threatened by degradation from both human activities and climate change.

    This year’s theme is “Restoration.Land.Recovery. We build back better with healthy land”. The best way to plan the restoration is to immediately stop the process of desertification. To combat it, soil fertility should be maintained by planting trees, which will lead to land settlement.


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